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Web Standards Based Slide Show Software

An accessible, Web Standards based slide show creator and presentation blog for web sites from Grow Collective.

6th December 06: Thanks to the few thousand folks who've tried out Scooch. We've been insanely busy with other projects but we will try and answer all emails as soon as we can. For those who've asked, Scooch is not a Flickr competitor. If you'd like to know more, see the features.

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Scooch is free for non commercial use!

Version: 1.3 (182.37 KB).

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  • Bristol In The Winter - Full Fat Version
  • Clevedon Sunsets - Minimalist Example
  • Green Goodness - Minimalist Example
  • Orange - Full Fat Example
  • Scooch Guided Tour

Development News - New Version: 1.3

Anti-Spam filtering - Wed 6th December 2006
Anti-spam filtering has been added to Scooch to combat comment spamming. Thanks go to Tom Harman for bringing this to our attention.
Zip File functionality change - Fri 7th April 2006
When creating a show from a Zip file the images are only resized if they are bigger than the default image width. Thanks to T.J. Mapes for the suggestion.
Multiple Language Support - Mon 3rd April 2006
Language support bug fixed. From now on Scooch should display all languages including South East Asian characters as intended. Thanks to tsingove for the notification. Please let us know if any issues arise for you.
Create Shows from a Zip File - Sun 2nd April 2006
You can now create a new slide show from a Zip archive! Upload a Zip archive and Scooch automatically creates the slides and inserts default text for you. Beautifully easy.
Slide Controls Options - Wed 29th March
Added the ability to disable slide controls to leave just the thumbnails menu. It's now an option on step one when creating a slide show. Thanks to Shannon for suggesting it. Also added tag error checking to strip spaces and ensure only one comma between tags. Thanks to David Woodman.

Go Scoochin'!

Live Demo

Scooch screenshot

A new Scooch homepage displays your slide shows by either date, tag or title in an easy to edit blog interface.